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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A CHA Project

I realize EVERYONE else in the universe who was at the CHA show posted their pics long ago. It seems like it was long ago. I haven't said how AMAZING it all was and how thrilled I was to have been able to go. I only had one day there, and I could have easily spent a week, but the one day I did have was absolutely fantabulous!
I came away with a TON of SWAG too!!
These pictures are of a make-n-take I did there, that I finally finished off last night. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
On another topic, I have been blurfing in a major way this past week, trying to visit as many of the Magic Carpet participants as I can. And as we all know, at most blogs, when I've wanted to comment, I have had to copy the "security" word, which is designed to ward off evil spammers.
I have the same thing here.
As I looked at these words, I came to the conclusion that whomever makes them up must be from a different dimension.
A different dimension with an entirely different language. Kind of like Avatar. I logged off and searched through my library and luckily, I found the translation to this language.
ERGO, I have decided to write the rest of this post in that special and unique language of the "security passwords". (I may have to add a few English words here and there to help you, dear reader, follow the story line. Here we go.
The other day, my defloons carlarked the scessizza and made our contali dopatra on the parfu. As I auguifd the trivali, the next door neighbour facrw his ruffinism.
"Holy Cahessis!!!" I shouted as the glitch rounded the corner. I ran and ran and the bofu cantlifred my scoot.
Thank goodness it all turned out OK.
Take that, spell check.
Have a funny day.


  1. Electra, You're schpfliquie farfezzel candinkien! (In English, that means "Brilliant, hilarious and wickedly talented!) Love your art, and your awesome humor.

  2. LOL, I truly enjoyed the pretty pics of your make and takes, was jealous that you were able to attend even a DAY of CHA, and laughed at your SecuritySpeak language. Is there a Rosetta Stone package for this???

  3. Your make and takes are great. I also really loved that little story at the end. Too funny.


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