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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was blurfing the other day and came across a blog which asked the question"What's on your worktable?" All sorts of people had responded and I got the distinct imprsssion that this is an ongoing exercise. But do you think I could find it again?
So, having failed at my expedition, I simply decided to just go ahead and do it myself. Which led to some navel-gazing about my workspace and, dare I say it, my work-flow (or lack thereof).

I may be ADHD. Last night I was riding the Magic OWOH Carpet (SO much fun!), melting UTEE, doing some stamping for an Encuastic art class I am taking online, making my Opus Valentine's ATC's, embellishing a project I started at CHA, I stamped a vintage image on a gauzy shirt that I was going to throw out but (of course) tossed in the corner of my studio. Oh yeah, I did my daily post on Shuttercal too and was responding to those folks, as well as trying to get a few pics of my adventure at the river yesterday, posted.. Is it any wonder I'm tired all the time? Maybe I need medication. Naaaah, I've come to the conclusion that I'm actually OK with the way I work. It all gets finished eventually and I go to bed each night pretty happy.
And so you have the picture. Of my workspace. And no, you can't see EVERYTHING I had going on, that would have been WAY too embarrassing. Plus, I would have had to back up so far to get it all in, that I probably would have backed right off the landing and tunbled down the stairs. And I know you would NOT want to be responsible for that, would you? I thought not.


  1. I wouldn't have expected a clean table, that would have been weird (lol). I also would NOT have wanted the responsibility of you tumbling down the stairs, so this is just fine. Nice to see where the magic happens!

  2. The blog you were looking for is
    this one
    and is home to What's on your workdesk wednesday :)


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