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Sunday, February 28, 2010

He Shoots, He Scores!!

Wow, our men's team won the gold medal in a nail-biter overtime! The US Team kicked their butt by tying the score with less than a minute left to play...but our guys got their act together and scored fairly soon into OT. What a rush!
You know, Canadians are notorious for being so polite and quiet and kind of "in the background". In fact, one of the Canadian Olympic officials said we never should have tried to "Own the Podium" as our motto said-he said that was cocky and un-Canadian. Well, we've won more gold medals (14) than any other country in the history of the Games, so maybe he can keep his thoughts to himself. Right now, most of the major Canaidan cities have closed their downtowns as people party in the streets and it feels REALLY great! From Joanie Rochette who won a bronze medal two days after her mother died of a heart attack, to our first gold medalist, Alex Bilodeau, who skated down the hill to give his handicapped brother a huge hug and credit for his winning,this is so cool. Tomorrow we'll go back to being polite and quiet, maybe, or maybe, we'll just keep a little swagger in our step. Vive La Canada! :-))


  1. Congrats! It was a great game, and the US did pretty well all things considered! ;-D

    It was a fun games that is for sure! What will Jana do without curling though?

  2. You are right, it was a heck of a game. I loved every anxious second of it. Even when the USA lost. I couldn't imagine a better pair of teams to battle for the Gold. Congratulations to you.

    As for me and curling, well, my oldest DD downloaded it onto my iTouch for me. So, I guess I'll be okay for a bit...


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