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Monday, February 1, 2010


Will you LOOK at these? I saw them on the Celebrity bus tour and after I picked up my rental car the next day, I went back to the neighbourhood where I thought they were and drove around until I found them. The whole yard is FULL of these humungeous creatures, all made out of found materials. I haven't edited the photos yet, but I can tell you the colours were so bright and the figures so large that I could hardly believe my eyes. Note the closeups. Unlike anything I've ever seen. It alone was worth the price of the rental car.


  1. Domo arigato for the robotos (such a bad joke but it had to be made and I'm dorky enough to do it)

    Such great photos of these, what a find! You have an amazing gift for keeping your eyes open to the little things around you!

  2. Great robots. The baby doll parts are kind of creepy, but other than that robots are amazing. Imagine having the free time to do something like this....


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