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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ruffle My Flourishes

Sounds kind of kinky, doesn't it? trust those Opus Gluei girls to come up with another "interesting" (guffaw) challenge. You know, I used to go to church Sunday mornings, but now I just go to the Order of the Opus Gluei blog and worship there. OK, that's not really true, I haven't been to church for years. Decades, in fact. Maybe centuries. I do other stuff, but that's not relevant here.
The point is, there is a spirituality I find in art and doing art with good friends, even if they are "virtual". CREATION...CREATOR...CREATE. pretty much says it all for me.
Anyhoo, this is for the Poobah's challenge #43. They live here
Go visit, you won't regret it.


  1. Did you get to throw/slide any of the stones when you were a kid and had to watch your dad? I would love to try it at least once. I'm just cool like that.

    Your layout is stunning. I love the pictures. Did you take them? I also am in love with your stitched flourishes.

    You crack me up with your Sunday morning worship. We are SOOOO not worthy. But, we'll (Opus Gluei Poobahs) take the adoration and love you right back. Kind of funny how I made a digi layout and you went with paper and glue this week. Don't cha think!

  2. It looks like we both took a break from watching the games (tee hee). I never threw a rock. Back in the day (and still sometimes these days)curling meant drinking with the guys on Saturday morning and throwing a few rocks around. My brother and I had to sit upstairs and watch through the window. (Boring) EVERY small town up here has a curling rink. Maybe no grocery store. Or school. But they ALL have a curling rink. People who curl are passionate about it.
    I did take the pics.
    And you're right. You ARE cool like that. Ohhhhmmmmmm

  3. Nice layout! Love the pics! The colors are just great!

  4. Aw, we love you too!!! This is great, by the way, and I'm not just saying that. The flourishes are beautiful - just what I thought this challenge might envision!


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